Feature Showcase: Agent Performance & Coaching

Contact Center agents are the front line of your brand experience, but oftentimes they don’t get the feedback they need to succeed.

Observe.AI’s new Agent Performance & Coaching features help managers coach agents based on data, not hunches. 

In this demo you will learn how to:

  • Make Data-Driven Coaching Decisions - Identify top and bottom performing agents across your team with our Agent Performance Dashboard
  • Personalize Agent Feedback to Improve CX - Identify skills agents need to improve on with Missed Opportunities. Customize coaching based on the needs and goals of every individual agent.
  • Make Coaching Consistent & Measurable - Drive consistency in the way coaches deliver and document coaching with Coaching Forms. Connect coaching conversations to operational KPIs with Coaching Tags.
Ruchi Karmalkar
Sr Product Marketing Mgr
Adrian Valenzuela
Sr Account Executive
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