Sudden spikes in call volume stressing you out?

You’re not alone. Managing call center surges isn’t easy, but having a playbook in place can help. 51% of customers will never do business with a company again after just one poor service experience.

We’re here to help you protect your CSAT scores when high call volume puts good customer experience at risk.

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call center call surge playbook

What You'll Learn


Dealing with Spikes Today

Why contact centers today struggle to handle call surges.


Mitigating and Managing Surges

Step-by-step guide to proactive call surge management and how Voice AI can help.


Contact Center Risk Assessment Quiz

Determine if your contact center is vulnerable based on critical KPIs.

Mitigating Risk Through Targeted Agent Coaching

“Voice AI lets us filter through thousands of calls and act with urgency to improve our user experience and strategically plan innovative efforts based around the customer, for the customer. It is a critical element for our brand’s continued success.”

In this playbook, you'll hear from Kyle Kizer, Root's Compliance Manager, on creating an Incident Response Plan, and how to implement analytics-enabled QM to better handle call surges.

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