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blueprint 2021 preview (1)


for ecommerce & Retail

2020 was hard, but you know that already. So we put together a bundle chock full of actionable resources to help you build a more resilient, intelligent, and goal-smashing contact center for 2021. 

You’ll Learn...
  • The most critical retail metrics and KPIs to monitor in 2021
  • How to effectively improve your most important goals around agent performance and CX
  • Mapping business drivers to ROI
  • Best practices for managing remote contact centers


EBOOK: Maintaining Resilience in 2021

How are resilient contact centers saving costs and supporting their remote teams while ensuring operational efficiency? Learn the six most important trackable business metrics.

EBOOK: Crushing the Top 5 KPIs for Retail & eCom

Why and how to keep your customers loyal. Mitigate regulatory compliance risks and drive better business outcomes. Invest in and innovate with your agents.

CASE STUDY: Assa Abloy Emtek

When Emtek first adopted Observe.AI, their primary focus was to determine call drivers, understand unmet needs, and gain visibility into the conversations that were taking place. Learn how Emtek delivers 4x feedback to each agent per month and improved QA efficiency by 25%.

CHECKLIST: Choosing the Right Contact Center AI Partner

With so many AI-powered Speech Analytics and Quality Management platforms available today, choosing the right one for your organization may be daunting. But worry not! We've created a checklist of considerations to help you decide.