Your call center went 100% remote overnight.

That rapid change means rapid response. You now have a remote workforce. The shift brings new challenges for keeping a pulse on business trends, maintaining messaging and process consistency, and coaching agents.

We're here to make the transition (and the future) easy for you, and it starts with this playbook.

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What's in the Playbook?

In this playbook, we’ll look at ways to effectively and efficiently transition agents to work from home.  Inside you’ll find techniques to run end-to-end quality management, evaluate agents, coach them remotely, and maintain compliance.



Challenges of Remote Call Centers

What to watch out for when moving agents remote, from compliance to collaboration, to culture.


Keeping Agents Engaged and Coached

Tips for new ways of virtually engaging and coaching agents for supervisors, managers, and quality analysts.


Monitoring 100% of Critical Interactions

Tactics for measuring specific metrics for critical KPIS, and how to act on them.

How Root Insurance Moved 150 Agents Remote Overnight

“We went from everyone in the office, to 97% of our company working from home. We use Observe to monitor the transition to remote work - seeing if agent messaging and performance has changed, despite the major shift.”

In this playbook, you'll hear from Chad Hudgins, Quality and Training Manager at Root Insurance, on tactics and recommended technology for the transition, as well as evolving roles at a call center to handle it.

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