On-demand Webinar

Building Trust and Transparency with Voice AI

Voice AI helps Cornerstone gain 100% visibility into their CX, automate quality management processes, and drive cross-team collaboration.

Brian Dick
Support Center QA Manager
Cornerstone OnDemand
Chris Slaugh
Director of Support Operations
Cornerstone OnDemand

To truly transform your contact center, you must re-imagine everything from your tools, to your workflows, processes, and how agents are enabled to drive the CX.

Throw in an unexpected shift to an all-remote workforce and a major acquisition, and you've summed up 2020 for Cornerstone and so many other businesses journey's right now. Topics include:

   → Actionable tips on how to consolidate tools, drive better speech-to-text accuracies and build trust and adoption along the way.

   → New use case ideas to enable and coach agents with the context of customer sentiment

   → Tips to turn your best customers into raving fans & accelerate growth


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